About Us at the GDPR-Clinic

About Us

The EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25th 2018, following a 2 year incubation. This is a complex piece of privacy legislation, and the penalties for non-compliance are huge, particularly if ignored. And for those who think Brexit equals avoidance, think again. The UK will introduce the new Data Protection Bill, mirroring the GDPR exactly, (plus a few caveats) and if you want to continue trading with the EU you’d better sit up and take heed. Continue reading the GDPR-Clinic website to find out more.

GDPR “Experts”

Reminiscent of the Y2K white elephant (anyone remember that?), there is so much hype and white noise surrounding GDPR compliance. There really is a wondrous array of “solutions” and “experts” out there – the bandwagon is now well and truly on the move, and gathering momentum. For just a miserly few hundred shekels one is promised complete and eternal absolution – or you can do it yourself for free…assuming you have no value for your own time.  So how on earth do you choose the right approach, and the right partner, for your business?  You do need a partner, as this is not a one off exercise, but an ongoing process. And it really does help if they know what they’re doing.

Hence the birth of the GDPR-Clinic. Aiming to be a one stop source of informed advice, opinion, assurance, resources, and solutions, the GDPR-Clinic is a consortium of GDPR certified professionals, cyber security experts, HR and legal advisors, following a path of continuing professional development, who will provide you with a cost effective programme to help you achieve compliance. We can relieve you of the almost all of the compliance burden to ensure you avoid the monumental penalties that can be imposed. Naturally, you will need to be a significant part of the process with a dedicated team member assigned to the role.

The Birth of GDPR-Clinic

Please feel free to browse, and take advantage of our free tools and whitepapers. And of course if you choose to get in touch and give us your personal details we will look after them for as long as allowed, and only for the purposes advised. As you would expect from any professional GDPR service provider.